Is celebrityfashionwatcher dead?

celebrityfashionwatcher IS STILL ALIVE! Despite not having many users sign up to our site... (to be honest we totally forgot about this site our selves so we don't blame others for not signing up.. the reason for us forgetting about this site is because it wasnt appearing on search engines for some reason.. Google and the other Satanist monopolistic search engines don't want to help us out on that front).. we are still alive and kicking and still have plenty of plans and ideas on how to make celebrityfashionwatcher the best social network out there about celeb fashion!

My cure to sore feet, gel insoles!

Here my simple cure to the annoying aches and painful feet many people simply endure! Gel insoles do not cost much but can really stop this problem before it to late.

One crazy super bowl!

So that it then the final of the NFL season ended with the super bowl were the Seahawks smashed the Broncos into the ground literally. It was a really exciting game ans I really didn't see the Broncs playing so badly but they did. Anyway I was supporting the Broncos until kick off when they did that really bad pass to manning then I switched supporting the Broncos to supporting the Seahawks instead.. The Broncos really could gain any yards at all as the Seahawks simply kept beating them and taking the ball and the Seahawks even matched the offense of the Seahawks..

Time for me to get healthy!

I am sick of being out of breathe all the time and I am more sick of eating junk food... I think I tend to eat junk food all the time because it is just there, quick to make and so cheap. (I don't even enjoy eating it!) I actually think that healthy food is way out of my price range which is typical really.. rich people can eat what they want and stay healthy all because they are rich or a celebrity of course!... Well I am sick of being unhealthy and I am trying to put some money aside so that I can improve my diet and also start exercising more...

Shoe lifts are used by celebrities to get taller!

Stars and celebrities have it all the lavish lifestyle, millions in the bank for the best fashion and make up... Celebrities are always looking for ways to improve their image.. something the stars couldn’t change about themselves was their height... if they were small they would just have to put up with it and sometimes this could get in the way of their career.. especially if you are a man wanting to go for the big Hollywood action films as small guys really are not that convincing action men.... But it seems the stars are doing something about their height and is fooling everyone...

Votes system

We have managed to successfully add a voting system here on Celebrity Fashion Watcher which will enable other bloggers to be able to vote thumbs up or thumbs down your blog posts... the more positive votes you get the better as these will lead to your overall blogger rank to increase unlocking new feature along the way... however if you get too many thumbs down you may find that you will loose points and this will lead to your blogger rank going down which will loose you your privileges ..

Celebrityfashionwatcher FREE TO JOIN!

Celebrityfashionwatcher is a free blogging platform for people who love fashion (but you dont have to always blog about fashion as some people may want to use celebrityfashionwatcher and are not that into fashion). Unlike some many of blogger available the way in which CFW works is that everyone has a equal say and any new blog posts from any of our bloggers gets promoted staright to our hompeage so everyone get their say and gets heard!

All bugs have been stomped!

We have finally done some final tests, fixes and alterations celebrityfashionwatcher which will hopefully make our blogging platform cool and unique. We have had a lot of annoying glitches along the way... but I guess when you are trying to design the best fashion blogger site ever you are bound to run into problems. But thankfully all these problems and coding behind us and now we can just focus on designing this website and adding a few more feature here and there and then we should be set to open up this blogger to the world.

Coming soon!

After many many problems setting up celebrityfashionwatcher we have hopefully sorted out the problems that we were having and are nearly ready to make celebrityfashionwatcher live to the public. It has been a very tough journey and at times a very angry one espcially when things that should have worked didnt! Soon we will be able to let users join and let the fun begin... The whole aim of celebrityfashionwatcher is to provide those sick of mainstream fashion blog a chnace to express their own opinion and have their say here.